Students get 15% discount on drinks with Student ID
iJava and Chai is a family owned and operated specialty coffee, tea, and smoothie house.

Whether you are looking for a place to unwind, relax, catch up with friends over board games (which we provide), study, or want a drink and pastry to go, we can meet your needs. We understand every customer is unique and has different tastes, so we designed our menu to appeal to everyone.

Complement our coffees, teas, or smoothies with bubbles (aka pearls, boba), popping boba, jelly, or add any of our variety of flavors. We also offer Baklava, Pretzels, Za'tar Pie, Cakes, Macarons, and other delicious pastries.

We welcome you to stop by and get a pleasant experience of drinks and pastries at iJava and Chai

Free Wi-Fi for our customers, and extended hours till midnight Sunday through Thursday, and 2am Friday and Saturday.